The Delay Unvelied

From the Gospel of St. Matthew 25:1-13:

1 The Kingdom of Heaven can be compared to ten virgins who, having taken their lamps, went out for the Encounter with the Bridegroom […]

5 Late then the Bridegroom, all (the virgins), oppressed by sleep, were sleeping […]

(Word of the Lord God)

The parable of the Gospel of St. Matthew describes the events that precede the Encounter between the Ten Virgins and the Bridegroom, and is one of the most beautiful of those that compare the Kingdom of Heaven to the Wedding between God and the Souls.

Among the events described in this Parable, which is one of the most famous among those that prophesy the “Parusia” (1), there is much attention to be paid to the moment of the Arrival of the Bridegroom, image of the Return of Jesus.

In fact, it is important to note that this “Return” is also characterized by a “Delay” and, above all, it should also be noted that this “Delay” is implicitly referred to a precise “Meeting / Appointment”, which is then, therefore, disregarded.

Therefore, the Appointment and the Delay represent the “key mode” of carrying out the “Intermediate Parusia” revealed in the Gospel of St. Matthew, which we know will certainly have to be realized, since the “Need for Consummation” is guaranteed by numerous passages of Sacred Scripture:

“How then would the Scriptures be fulfilled, according to which it must be so? “(Mt 26.54)

So what? This famous Delay… to which “fundamental Appointment” does it refer? “What” does it consists of?  And most importantly, “who” and “in what way” was it fixed?

Before answering these questions it is useful to underline that the Parusias have always been a firm point in the doctrine of the Catholic Church, which no one can question, while vice versa the methods and times of implementation are not explicit, although certainly interconnected.

Let us try to give an answer to the proposed questions, to try to determine the times of the next Intermediate Parusia, having as only indications the occurrence of an “Appointment” and a “Delay”.

For this purpose we analyze one of the Events that we can consider central, if not the most important Event, of the twentieth century:

the “Miracle of the Sun” that took place in Fátima, just over a hundred years ago.

It is 11:30 a.m. on October 13, 1917, and Fátima, in Portugal, after a big storm, is full of men, women, old people, children, believers, atheists, and mostly curious… about 70,000 people… a real crowd… coming from the whole Portuguese nation, and from nearby Spain. Civil and religious authorities were also present, and above all journalists, all waiting for the GREAT SIGN … of the SIGNUM MAGNUM … requested by little Lucia, during the apparition of July 13, 1917, to the Blessed Virgin,  that she might grant a “Miracle” in order that everyone might believe that she was appearing to the three little shepherds.

At noon on the dot … when by then the crowd began to doubt that there could occur an extraordinary Event … here … the Apocalyptic Surprise … that no one expected anymore:

for about 10 minutes, the Sun is seen by all present … rotate … change Color … “dancing” … pulsating … approaching … and moving away from its normal position, until the “Moment of Terror” in which it even seems to “fall” on the crowd!

Immediately afterwards … miraculously … and mysteriously … soil and clothes of those present, soaked because of the previous abundant rain, are completely dry!

On October 13, 1930, in the document A Divina Providência, the Bishop of Leiria José Alves Correia da Silva declared the “Visions of the children in the Cova da Iria worthy of belief”, officially authorizing the Cult of Our Lady of Fatima with the title of Nossa Senhora de Fátima. This has also led to the official recognition by the Catholic Church of the “Supernatural Nature of the Miracle of the Sun“.

With this event, so extraordinary in its development, it is quite evident that the Blessed Virgin wanted to give strength, and above all importance, to the Apocalyptic Message revealed during all six Apparitions to the three little shepherds, starting from the fateful 13 May 1917, Message … whose true recipient, in reality, … is all humanity … and which heralds an Apostasy and a widespread Atheism, to reach a climax, which unfortunately we are well aware of today.

But the interventions of God…and of the Mother of God…and our Mother…and above all her Messages…do not end at all with those famous Apparitions in Portugal.

It is well known that God has infinite possibilities to communicate with His Sons, choosing for each one the most suitable form, in addition to the “official ones” that we already know… in fact, on May 8, 1972, Mary Most Holy, using precise “Inner Locutions” (2), and taking up the Message of Fatima, convinced a priest, Father Stefano Gobbi (who was praying at that moment in the Chapel of Apparitions located in Fátima for two priests in crisis of faith), to bring together in a Movement all the priests willing to consecrate themselves to his Immaculate Heart.

The success of this Movement has been extraordinary. It quickly spread spontaneously throughout the world.

Thirty years ago, the figures were gigantic:

some Cardinals… about 2000 Archbishops and Bishops… and 200,000 Priests of the Secular Clergy, and of all Religious Orders and Institutes… over six of millions of Faithful.

Therefore, it could be said, and with certainty, that the Marian Priestly Movement was the largest, and most authoritative, Catholic Movement in the world.

Today, the “little rest” is much more downsized, but remains very present in many parts of the world.

The Most Blessed Virgin, however, did not limit herself to creating her own Movement, but, for a quarter of a century, that is:

  • since July 7, 1973         (Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
  • at 31 December 1997

always using precise “Inner Locutions”, reveals to Don Gobbi as many as 604 Messages, destined not only for his Movement, but for all Humanity, collected then in the famous “Blue Book” entitled:

“To the Priests Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”

The book was spontaneously translated into all languages and helped to spread the Marian Priestly Movement throughout all the continents, and to make the spirituality of the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary known and deepened.

The Most Blessed Virgin says, about her Book (which she calls “Brochure” … because in 1974 it still contains few Messages):

Even the Brochure … is just a means to spread My Movement … This is an important way that I have chosen, because it is small. It will serve to make known to many My Work of Love among My Priests. (24 June 1974)

It is precisely from reading some of the Messages contained in the “Blue Book” that one can grasp the right connection between the “Delay of the Bridegroom” and the Parable of the Ten Virgins, as well as the reference to the modalities and times of the “Parusia”, to which the Parable refers.

In fact, with an end Strategy, the Blessed Virgin “fixes the fundamental Appointment“, with which we opened these reflections, precisely through some “key” Messages, contained in the famous … and “international” … his Blue Book!

In particular, in the Message given to Don Gobbi on December 5, 1994 in Mexico City, and also in connection with what he had revealed at Fatima, he fixed the “fateful date” with the words:

I confirm to you that, for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart, which I predicted for you at Fatima, will take place, and It will be realized with the Return of Jesus in Glory, to establish His Kingdom in the World.

So you can finally see, with your own eyes, the New Skies and the New Earth.

But also in another Message, that of September 18, 1988, alludes to the end of the 20th Century, as a “Fundamental Appointment(3):

  • You have entered My Times…. On this day I ask you to consecrate to Me all the time that still separates you from the End of this Century of yours.
  • I ask you to spend them with Me, so that you may enter the Final Period of the Second Advent, which leads you to the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart in the Glorious Coming of My Son Jesus.
  • In this Ten Years Period the Fullness of Time, which has been indicated to you by Me, will come to pass, beginning with La Salette and ending with My last and current Apparitions.
  • In this Ten Year Period all the Secrets that I have revealed to some of My Children will be fulfilled and all the Events that have been foretold to you by Me will be fulfilled.

But, as we all know, this “fundamental Appointment” has remained surprisingly unfulfilled.

And it is also worth remembering that, unfortunately, immediately after “the Great Jubilee of 2000″, precisely the “Failure to fulfill” these prophecies, had lost a large percentage of adherents to the Marian Priestly Movement, as it had deprived much credibility also to all other Messages of the Blue Book, especially by those who consider themselves “great experts” in Sacred Scripture, Mysticism, Theology, etc ….

It is good, in this regard, to remember Saint Matthew, chapter 11:

25 At that time Jesus said, “I bless you, Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, for you have hidden these things from the Wise and the Intelligent and revealed them to the Little ones….

26 Yes, Father, because it pleased you…. (Word of the Lord God)

Without, however, wishing to enter into controversy with the major experts in Theology, Mysticism, Sacred Scripture, etc… it is opportune for everyone to admit with humility that, paradoxically, precisely the “Failure to fulfil” of the Prophecies “fundamental evangelical Appointment” of the “Parusia” by the Great Jubilee of 2000, confer, on the contrary, as it corresponds to a theme of the Gospel, the maximum Credibility … possible and imaginable … to the Blue Book ….

And not only… !

In fact, by putting all these Tassels together:

  1. the Parable of the Ten Virgins, where there is talk of “a Delay” in the second Coming of Jesus
  2. Events and Messages of Fátima …
  3. the Institution, by Our Lady herself, of an International Movement made up of priests faithful to the Church…
  4. of a Book of 604 Messages, with which he dictates the “guidelines” for his Movement
  5. and in which it fixes a “precise appointment” for the year 2000, then disregarded

Well … you can glimpse a precise Divine Design, which concerns all Humanity, which contemplates a temporal period that goes from the beginning of ‘900 to the present day.

And so, in this perspective, this Document, “The Unveiled Delay, throws a new and fundamental Light on God’s Plans for the present time, and gives the Marian Priestly Movement an extremely important role, which must be immediately grasped and assimilated, so that it may grow rapidly, in Holiness and not only in the number of Members, and assume more and more all the responsibilities that Heaven has assigned to it, through Mary Most Holy.

The delay is already underway, so it is necessary to act quickly, and not to linger any longer, because the Times of the great Tribulation are approaching, and the rapid growth of moral degradation, which unfortunately involves all of Humanity, until it reaches the Summits of the Catholic Church, confirmed by countless and huge scandals, are certainly a sad confirmation of these Prophecies and their sudden acceleration. It’s not the time to “fall asleep” as even the remaining Virgins have finally done!

In conclusion, the times that await us seem very difficult, and must be faced with great courage and true faith, aware that we are the “Apostles of the last times“, aware that Mary Most Holy is at our side, and leads us into the right Battle, and that, in the end, her Immaculate Heart will triumph, as she herself insists, and in particular “promises” in the Message of 8 June 1991 to Dongo (the birthplace of Don Stefano Gobbi) precisely on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, entitled precisely “Apostles of the Last Times“, and which ends so (4):

When, from every part of the Earth, all of you, my little children, give this Testimony of Apostles of the Last Times, then my Immaculate Heart will have its greatest Triumph.


(1) The Parusìa (from the Greek παρουσία, parusía = “Official Visit”, “Arrival”), also called Second Advent, is, in Christianity, the Second Coming of Jesus.

(2) Theologian Adolphe Tanquerey (1854 – 1932) defines the phenomenon as follows: “The Inner Locution is a Divine Manifestation in the form of a Word understood by the external and internal senses or directly by the human intellect. They are very clear words, either of Jesus or of Our Lady or of the Holy Spirit, felt by the person who receives them as if they were born from the heart, and which, connected to each other, form a Message”.

(3) There are many Messages in the “Blue Book” in which Mary Most Holy suggests that the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart coincides precisely with the “Parusia”, that is, with the coming of the glorious Kingdom of Christ.

(4) Dongo    (Como), 8 June 1991. Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Apostles of the last times.

“Today celebrate the liturgical remembrance of my Immaculate Heart.

It is your Feast, my Beloved Ones, and My Consecrated Sons.

You have been chosen by Me, and called to be part of my victorious rank.

You are part of my property.

I have a great drawing above you.

This drawing of mine has been revealed to you in every detail.

Now it must appear to the Church, and to Humanity, in all its Splendour, because these are the times of your maturity and of your public Witness. Show yourselves to all as my Consecrated, as the Apostles of these Last Times.

As Apostles of the Last Times, you must courageously proclaim all the Truths of the Catholic Faith, forcefully proclaim the Gospel, decisively unmask the dangerous Heresies, which disguise themselves as Truths, to better deceive the Mind, and thus remove a large number of My Children from the True Faith.

As Apostles of the Last Times, you must oppose with the Power of the Little ones the superb Force of the Great and the Docty, who, seduced by a false Science and by Vanagloria, have torn the Gospel of Jesus apart, proposing a Rational, Human and entirely Wrong Interpretation of it.

The Times predicted by Saint Paul have arrived, in which many proclaim False Doctrines and Peregrines, and so one runs behind these Fables, and one moves away from the Truth of the Gospel.

As Apostles of the Last Times, you must follow Jesus on the Road of contempt for the World and for yourselves, of Humility, Prayer, Poverty, Silence, Mortification, Charity, of a deeper Union with God.

You are unknown and despised by the World and those around you, you are often hindered, marginalized and persecuted, because this Suffering is necessary for the Feasibility of your own Mission.

As Apostles of the Last Times, you must now enlighten the Earth with the Light of Christ.

Show yourself to all as my Children, because I am always with you.

May the Faith be the Light that enlightens you, in these Days of Apostasy and of great Darkness, and consumes only the Zeal for the Glory of my Son Jesus, in these Times of such a vast Infidelity.

As Apostles of the Last Times, it is up to you to carry out the Second Evangelization, so much requested by my Pope John Paul II.

Evangelize the Church, which has distanced itself from the Spirit of Christ, and allowed itself to be seduced by the Spirit of the World, which has penetrated deeply into her, and has pervaded her completely.

Evangelize Humanity, which has returned to Pagan, almost two thousand years after the first proclamation of the Gospel.

Evangelize all Men, who have become victims of Errors, Evil, Sin and allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the impetuous Wind of all false Ideologies.

Evangelize the Peoples and Nations of the Earth, immersed in the Darkness of the practice of God’s Denial, as they prostrate themselves to the Cult of Pleasure, of Money, of Strength, of Pride, of Impurity.

Your times have come, and I have formed you in these years so that you may now give your strong Testimony of Disciples, faithful to Jesus, until the shedding of your own Blood.

When, from every part of the Earth, all of you, my little children, give this Testimony of Apostles of the Last Times, then my Immaculate Heart will have its greatest Triumph.

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